Yealink T23G & MWI Dichotomy

I have connected a Yealink T23G phone to FreePBX 13.

To setup Message Waiting Indicator (MWI) on the T23G I’ve entered the extension number into a field named “Voice Mail” on the T23G.

When a message is left on the extension, the T23G flashes its Message indicator button. However when I press the button the T23G dials the extension number and not *97.

But If I enter *97 into “Voice Mail” on the T23G, then MWI does not work at all. However when I press the message button the T23G rings *97 and you get to the mailbox.

Any idea’s on how to get the message button to dial *97 when pressed and get MWI to work at the same time on the T23G ?

I’ve already reported this issue to Yealink and they are investigating.

Yealink also asked me to post here too for a solution.


I also have Yealink T23G and MWI works fine for me. Leave the *97 in the voice mail field and make sure you have “Subscribe to MWI” enabled and “Subscribe to MWI To Voice Mail” disabled like below.

Yes that fixed my issue.

MWI on the T23G is now working.