Yealink t23 in openvpn with pfsense

Hi to the forum.

I’m trying to run a yealink t23 phone connected in vpn via openvpn with a pfsense that protects a freepbx switchboard.

The vpn is established correctly but the voice coming out of the yealink phone is not clean and is disturbed.
While you hear the incoming call perfectly.

The codecs I can test in the switchboard are the g711a and g711u.

What do you think I can check in the openvpn configuration?

Thank you


If the call quality is choppy, but you can at least hear both sides, this is probably due to the internet connection quality, either high latency or/and packet loss. G711 need quite a lot of bandwidth, can you try g729 instead? In any case, if the internet connection is not ideal in terms of latency and stability, changing to a codecthat uses less bandwidth will not make it sound perfect, just not as bad.

Thanks for your answer.
I must install in my freepbx the codec G729 because isn’t present inside my release.
Do you have a guide for this?


Are you running FreePBX Distro?

If running distro 14, it is already included. If you upgraded from 13 to 14, it can be installed with command ‘g729’ . If running distro 13, you can google “asterisk g729 free” for instructions. Can’t post instructions here because it can bring up licensing issues.

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