Yealink t18p Provisioning on Endpoint Manager 2.9.2

Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie!! I am using PBXIAF and I am trying to provision the Yealink t18p. I am stuck and would like greatly appreciate some help. Here is what I have done so far:

Enpoint manager tried to enable/install yealink package and it is no longer available from I also tried to download it and no luck.

I downloaded the entire package from github that contains the files for the yealink. Is it correct that I would need to make a tar and then a tgz file so that it can be accepted by the endpoint manager?

Ultimately, if anyone that has installed/configured these phones and has the files and is willing to share, I will be in their debt.

Thank you,

Why can’t you just download them from within endpoint manager? Im confused.