Yealink status


I read the wiki on the restapp support on the Yealink, and noticed that the phones appear to need a reboot when using certain XML features. Is this something that has improved? We’re looking at these phones (42G) for a 50 extension deployment, and wondering if it’s ok to use, or if the Aastra/Mitel 6865? Seems we keep circling back to Aastra. The yealinks have been great in the field, but since we’re requiring login/logout, wondering if we’re just looking for trouble…



Yealink is in progress but there is no ETA. The Aastra/Mitel stuff is done so if you want instant gratification that would be the route. Otherwise Yealink is coming.


Thanks for the update. Coming is in the next month or two, or further down the road? Also, since the references to bad xml, etc are gone, is it about 90% there? Basically just going to be using Login/Logout. I can wait 30-45 days as this project is going to require a good number of phones. I also noticed the Aastra models are not certified for EPM, but the yealink are? Is this just not updated?



Any update on this? I’m surprised Yealink doesn’t fix this ASAP considering the market value and potential sales from FreePBX users.

Yealink phones are now supported. They still require a reboot on login and logout but that is how they process configs and nothing we can do to change that unless they decide to allow passing configs through XML without a reboot.

That’s great news. Thanks for the update!!!

Are there a list of phone app configs for the yealink telephone available anywhere? We just bought the license but I can’t really find any of the configurations anywhere.


Not sure if this was fixed in the latest firmware (running but it seems I am able to login and logout without rebooting.