Yealink Sidetone settings

We have a number of Yealink T38G phones that have an extreme amount of sidetone. We have them at the latest firmware and there doesn’t seem to be any way to change the sidetone settings from the GUI or even modifying the Base file in Endpoint manager. We have found out that an entry can be made in the mac file to reduce the sidetone. How can we edit that file to keep it active when the phone gets rebooted? We are getting ALOT of echo on calls we believe because of this.

Forgot to mention WHY we are looking at the sidetone settings. The users can hear very clearly the ausio in the room when they are on a call. Turning down the xmit on the handset does not appear to have much of an effect

If it’s not already in the basefile you will need to know the parameter and then add a basefile entry. Scroll all the way to the bottom and press add new.


I searched that page for SideTone and NEVER went to the bottom to see the Add Entry. Maybe someone could have noted at the top that there was an Add Entry at th ebottom of the page.? Oh well live and learn. Thanks!