Yealink Ring Volume and Handset Volume

Hi all, what is the correct line to add in the Yealink template in Endpoint Manager to control the default ring volume of a Yealink desk phone? (we are using SIP-T41P, SIP-T48S, SIP-T58 but I believe they all use the same template these days, right?)

The issue is that we have a small open-plan office with 10 staff and when people mess around with the volume on their phones, when an incoming call comes in with 10 phones ringing, it is really noisy and very distracting, hence the need to control the ring volume.

I found a few different posts on various forums, added them to the template, hit “update config and retrovision phones”, the phones reprovisioned (indicated by the red flashing LED on the phone) but didn’t change the volume. I tried rebooting the phones for good measure but nope.

Here are the lines of code for the template I have found and tried so far, but I don’t know what each of them does exactly (anyone know of these?) and they didn’t work anyhow:

force.voice.ring_vol = 2
voice.headset_send = 20
voice.handset_send = 20
voice.handfree_send = 20
voice.handfree.autoreset_spk_vol = 20
voice.handset.autoreset_spk_vol = 20
voice.headset.autoreset_spk_vol = 20

All help, opinions, guidance and assistance is greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!

Hi @peterrichardson Have you tried to Edit yours Yealink Phone template from EPM Basefile Editor side.?

Hey @shahin thanks, yes I have, please see attached screenshot. This is where I am applying these edits.

Hi @peterrichardson
I think ^^ this way your change(s) is not going to works. My suggestion is make a at one phone volume changes (reduce ring tone ) then download y000000000000.cfg file from the phone then you can find correct P Code to edit othere phones.