Yealink Phones will not register all of a sudden

I have Freepbx 14. All updates ran. I am using PJSIP. Today all of a sudden only 2 phones will register. The other phones just say failed. I don’t see any firewall issues. Any advice appreciated.

Do you see the register attempts hit the PBX?

How do you check that? I can register from another site

You run the proper debug. Either “sip set debug on” or “pjsip set logger on” and then you make the phone attempt to register. Do you see the REGISTER request hit the PBX? If the requests aren’t making it to the PBX then it’s a networking issue, if they are what is happening? Is the PBX sending a challenge and not getting a response or getting a response and sending a failure back.

@sentinelace you can SSH to your server and type sngrep, then try to make a call. Go to the line for your extension and hit return on your keyboard and you will get more information. Here is a screenshot from Google

Here are more screenshots from github:

Thanks guys. After much troubleshooting, I noticed some of the phones never hit the PBX. Ended up being local ISP routing issue. Thanks as usual

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