Yealink phones no longer connecting over VPN using EPM provisioning

I have been having issues lately connecting yealink phones (t46s and t42s) to several of my Freepbx 14 servers. The phones provision fine but will not make the VPN connection. The phones receive the vpn tar file from the server but the connection doesn’t happen. I have done this many times on many different servers with no issue.

I pulled the VPN config files from the servers and it looks like a new line has been added to the sysadmin_client#.conf file (reneg-sec). Sure enough when I pulled logs from my phone it specifically complains about that line (Options error: Unrecognized option or missing or extra parameter(s) in /config/openvpn/vpn.cnf:17: reneg-sec (2.4.2)). Looks like an EPM update has added this config line to VPN setup. Anyone have any insight on this or can give me a way to edit that line out before it is sent to the phones? Thanks in advance.

Update: After looking at some of my other servers that are working I can see that they have a value of “reneg-sec 3600”. This is the default value of “VPN Renegotiate Timer” setting in the VPN Server page of Freepbx. For some reason it isn’t being written to the VPN conf file correctly. Any ideas on how to fix?

Have you tried re-entering that value on the GUI and submitting the changes?

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I have just tested with System Admin and I am not seeing any issues with the reneg line in any tarballs I’ve generated:

reneg-sec 3600

That value is pulled directly from Admin -> System Admin -> VPN Server -> Settings tab. Resubmit that page and then rebuild to config, if problems continue open a support ticket.

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I am testing that right now. Looks like if i just re-submit the VPN settings page it updates the main vpn conf file with the regeg-sec 3600 field (it wasn’t there before). I was a little afraid to make any changes there and break any of my other phones in the field so I have been testing on a non production machine and it looks to be the fix. None of my deployed machines with VPN have previously had that setting which is strange and when it got added on new phones the field would be empty. Anyway, I think this may resolve it. I’ll post back when I know for sure. Thank you both for the quick responses.

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That did it. They are connecting over VPN now. Thank you for your help.


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