Yealink Phones & EPM Not writing files properly

Working with FreePBX 12 distro, asterisk 11, all modules up to date as of today.

We’re running Yealink phones (t22p & t38g), and I’m having a couple of issues with the commercial EPM. First, they do not restart via the web interface. I can get them to restart (usually) by running the sip notify reboot-yealink command through asterisk. I imagine the inconsistency is due to Yealink, but that it never works with the EPM concerns me.

Also, when I go to change an existing device’s assigned extension (click the edit icon, change the dropdown to a different value, click save/rebuild), most of the time it doesn’t work. Either the device will show as changed (rare), or it will show as I assigned it, but the config file will contain the old extension information instead of the new info. Or, both old and new extensions will appear attached to the same device.

In order to change the device, I need to copy the MAC out, remember the other settings for template, account, etc., and recreate the device assignment. Most of the time this works. On one occasion, the EPM kept generating the config file for the same extension instead of changing it to the new one, despite following the protocol in the beginning of this paragraph. In order to get it to generate the correct file and assign the correct extension, I had to delete the extension from the extensions application entirely.

Are these bugs I should submit, or am I doing something wrong, perhaps?