Yealink Phone Apps Voicemail Can't Delete

I am testing a few phones before buying a batch of 50 for the company and am looking at Yealink T28P T38G and Digium D50. I have noticed so far that on both the Yealink phones and Voicemail REST app you cannot delete a voicemail. You can play it, but thats it. On the Digium I can play, rewind, fast forward and delete the voicemail. Is this by design? I would prefer to buy the T38G over the D50 because its color and gigabit network for all the PC’s that need routed through the phones.

Anyone with experience or knowledge with this that could help me is appreciated. Thanks

I would not use Yealink. Their are lots of bugs. Spend the money and buy Aastra or Digium.

I was testing phones based on the supported phones list for REST apps. I was hoping to find a phone that had gigabit ethernet and be reasonable priced. Is there any suggestions for Astra phones? The problem I see at first glance is that all the Astra phones seem expensive. There is quite a price difference when buying 50 phones.

When it comes to phones you get what you pay for. I really like the Aastra 6737 and Digium D70

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Thanks for your input. I appreciate it. I will return the Yealink phones I have and try an Astra. Thanks you tonyclewis.