Yealink Firmware not properly reading and applying Endpoint Manager Settings - Gah!

Ok - Here are my settings in Endpoint Manager:

And here is the XML it generated in /tftpboot:

linekey.1.line = 1
linekey.1.value =
linekey.1.pickup_value = **
linekey.1.type = 15
linekey.1.label = 2907
linekey.2.line = 1
linekey.2.value =
linekey.2.pickup_value = **
linekey.2.type = 15
linekey.2.label = 2907
linekey.3.line = 1
linekey.3.value =
linekey.3.pickup_value = **
linekey.3.type = 15
linekey.3.label = 2907
linekey.4.line = 1
linekey.4.value = 70
linekey.4.pickup_value = **
linekey.4.type = 10
linekey.4.label = Park-It
linekey.5.line = 1
linekey.5.value = 71
linekey.5.pickup_value = **
linekey.5.type = 16
linekey.5.label = Park-71
linekey.6.line = 1
linekey.6.value = 72
linekey.6.pickup_value = **
linekey.6.type = 16
linekey.6.label = Park-72

But here is what ends up in the Phone with T38G Firmware no matter how far back I go:

The XML looks right to me - Is this a Yealink problem or an Endpoint Manager problem?

yes it is a bug in the epm. i bet this is a t3x. you will need to edit the basefile to fix this on a temporary basis until schmooze (now sangoma) gets around to fixing this. doing this on memory, the issue is the generated value of linekey.x.line is off by 1. so account 1 should have a value of 0, but the epm generates a value of 1 which causes the phone to use account 2.

Is there a bug filed? I am not seeing one open.

yes there is and one of your gang asked me to update the log on info on the portal so they can ssh into the pbx. i think the ticket number is 562873

That ticket has nothing to do with this forum post. Looking at tickets under your user I don’t see anything about an off by 1 bug. I also don’t see anything in

oh sorry i thought you were referring to my issue of yesterday about zulu. as to this issue with the yealink t3x, i was pretty sure either i or someone else opened a ticket on this quite some time ago.
if not i will open a ticket later today

Thanks for the info - that is a bummer bug - Can you reply to this post with the ticket number when you have it in - I guess in the XML 1 does not equal 1 - that’s really obvious!

The status of zero being a number and starting of iterations with zero vs one is serious business.

You would think it obvious but 308,000,000 results

i just posted the bug. ticket number 563953

I believe this is actually a bug with Yealink. If you look at the original XML generated, all linekey.#.line are = 1. Yet only the BLF keys are being set to account 2. Please report to Yealink, however the T3 models are discontinued, so I am not sure what they will do. You can also try a few different firmware versions to see if it worked at one point.

it is not a yealink bug (although i agree it should be), check the yealink forums and you will find a post about the t3x that says 1 does not equal 1. it says that linekey.1.line=0