Yealink DSS key question

Totally off topic really here.

Does anyone what Key Type I should use when setting the programmable keys on a Yealink to dial a feature code?

I want a button set up to dial “*280” (minus the quotes) but I can’t find a key type that looks like what I need.



BLF or SpeedDial, depending on whether you want the key to have the LED on or not. Usually you just need to set the type to BLF and put the *280 in the value field and you should be all set (assuming your FPBX box has support for device states and hints).

That great. Thanks.

Does that mean in FreePBX 2.10 that the BLF light could be made to light up when in Night mode (or day mode perhaps) and the go out when pressed to show it’s in a different mode? Or is taht something that needs setting up on a default freepbx install?


When you use BLF you should be able to have the light show Green for one mode, and Red for the other. I can’t remember now which state is tied to which mode, but it definitely changes colour if you have it setup correctly.