Yealink CP860 Recovery Mode Hangs at start updating

I got a Yealink cp860 that I need to put in recovery mode. It says online you can use usb or tftp. TFTP server doesn’t ever see it connect. I can do any other model with my TFTP but this one. It just says start updating and hangs

That implies that either the system is looking for a specific location for your TFTP server (a different address in the config) or that your DHCP settings for the TFTP server (Option 66, IIRC) isn’t pointing the phone to the right place. If the phone doesn’t pull DHCP credentials, you will probably need to try another method.

I shouldn’t need option 66. I just put in a static IP on the phone and point to the TFTP

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Obvious questoin: Are you watching the /var/log/messages file for the file download requests, or are you watching the Asterisk logs?

There is no PBX. my computer is a TFTP server and yes I watch the logs and it’s like it never even gets to my server. Other phones work fine.

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