Yealink cid on outbound calls shows our did instead of number dialed

I’ve got a new fpbx 15 box and yealink t27 and t29g phones, incoming calls show external caller’s cid just fine, but when I make an outbound call on the phones, then I go to history, it only shows our DID as the cid of the outbound call. I suspect this is because I have a DID on our outbound route, but not sure…I thought that’s the way you’re supposed to do it?

I don’t know what’s wrong, but this may help:

The history entry should show the outbound CID in addition to the called number (and the name, if your system looks it up). If you select a history entry and press Send, it should dial the called number.

If you don’t need the outbound CID function, go to Advanced Settings and set Display CallerID on Calling Phone to No.

I have a T26P running the last release and even though the above setting is on, the CID doesn’t show on outbound calls. I couldn’t find a phone setting that appeared relevant.

Possibly you have trustrpid enabled for the trunk and it’s not supported?

I would think that shouldn’t affect outbound calls at all?

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