YeaLink Call Transfer issue

Hello, I’m trying to troubleshoot a transfer issue with Yealink T26p Phones. When you call thru an IVR and make it to your extension or when the operator answers a call and then transfers the call it only rings 1 time on the destination phone and then voicemail picks up. Is there a setting or setting(s) that would control this?

Go to settings > advanced settings and check the values of both “ringtimer” settings (you can search the page for ringtimer). I believe the defaults are 15/0 (the zero means use the 15).

Aye, thanks for the note. It was 0 (Call Forward Ringtimer Default) and 15 (Ringtime Default) and I had changed it to 10 for the first and left 15 for the second however I did not see a change.

I guess I could double those numbers to see if that moves changes anything

Yup just doubled both and still 1 ring and VM picked up. hmmmm

What do the Asterisk logs show for these calls?

asterisk -vvvvvvvvvvr from linux CLI for a live call, or you can look at /var/log/asterisk/full for previous calls

The only value you need to look at is the ring time for the extension unless you are using queues or ring groups as your ivr destination. If it is default then it uses what overkill said in advanced settings, but it could be custom.

Keep in mind “2” means 2 seconds not 2 rings. One ring is ~4seconds so 15 seconds is 3 rings.

Thanks for the help. I’ve done a capture of these calls and the odd thing with this and another problem on the same system when dialing into a IVR is the extensions show a status “401 Unauthorized” when the call fails.

On the same note within the GUI under Peers those extensions are showing as registered and I can can make outbound calls with them.

I will have to wait until i’m on site to grab logs when transferring between phones

Ok, I punted and went back to 2.11; too many issues with 12.x for a new install.