Yeah, Baby!


Not good that they haven’t let us update in 2 years, but still damn impressive stability and uptime!


Ughhhh… You couldn’t wait another 5 days? Lol

Btw, whats the machine specs?

Dell PowerEdge T110-II - Xeon E3-1220 (around 8K on Passmark), 8Gig RAM, Hardware Mirror 1TB Hard Drives, Digium TE133 PRI Card. About 50 extensions.


There haven’t been any kernel-level exploits that needed a reboot in 2 years, so you’re OK. As long as you’ve been running yum update regularly, you’ll be fine. There have been some significant performance improvements tho, so you’ll probably want to schedule one soon (or, upgrade to SNG7, which is even faster)

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