Yay new Firewall release!

As mentioned on https://forum.phonebo.cx/t/freepbx-firewall-2019-04-27/38 - there’s a new firewall release, and this one feels a lot better when blocking provisioning scanning.

fwconsole ma downloadinstall https://cdn.phonebo.cx/modules/firewall/firewall-

Any dramas, feel free to ping me here or on phonebo.cx!


Hi Rob. I gave it a try and couldn’t trigger a ban after 100+ provisioning file downloads over 5ish minutes or so. What is the threshold to see rate limiting? Do I have to do anything in Firewall other than just enable http(s) provisioning service(s) for Internet zone?

Once the IP is registered, it won’t be rate limited. But you should be able to trigger it with 50 connections within 60 seconds. That is three Polycom phones provisioning at the same time. As long as one of them gets to register, the IP will be allowed through and no more rate limiting will apply.

Confirmed, I was able to trigger a ban by 50 in 60s. Initially I was not testing with a script so didn’t load fast enough to hit the threshold.

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