Yay! I broke asterisk. Suggestions?

I’m working on getting this patch running on asterisk 11.18.0: https://issues.asterisk.org/jira/browse/ASTERISK-13145
I need to get 3 way calls working with cisco 6941 phones (and 7962). It looks like the patch is going to do this (thank you @simcity for contributing so much to this post Conference call with cisco 8961 or 9971)

So… following the directions here: http://docs.acsdata.co.nz/asterisk-cisco/patching-asterisk.shtml

wget http://downloads.asterisk.org/pub/telephony/asterisk/releases/asterisk-11.18.0.tar.gz ~$ tar -zxvf asterisk-11.18.0.tar.gz ~$ cd asterisk-11.18.0 ~/asterisk-11.18.0$ patch -p1 < ../cisco-usecallmanager-11.18.0.patch ~/asterisk-11.18.0$ ./configure ~/asterisk-11.18.0$ make
This is where I get into trouble. ./configure works, but make is not working.

Already installed make, and g++

yum install make
yum install make gcc gcc-c++ -y

When running the make command, I get the following error:

**** The configure script must be executed before running 'make'.
****               Please run "./configure".
make: *** No rule to make target `makeopts', needed by `_all'.  Stop.

Ran the ./configure command again… odd, this time I got:

configure: error: *** Asterisk now uses SQLite3 for the internal Asterisk database.
http://matrixsust.blogspot.com/2014/03/asterik-configure-warning-please.html states to:

yum install sqlite, sqlite-devel

… ok, that was the problem… .but now the installation is skrewed, Get kicked out of asterisk -r every time I try to make a call.


asterisk -R is a bit more…resilient.

That won’t work if asterisk segfaults.

Ah. Thanks D…didn’t know that! :smile:

Well it might work but because asterisk crashed then either safe_asterisk if used will restart it or it will just stay dead and then it won’t work, either way the OP needs to isolate what is causing Asterisk to crash, the patch file in general needs to be specific to the version he is patching and following the breadcrumbs he is trying to patch 11.18 with a patch for 11.19

We patched our Asterisk to support OPUS with chan_sip, and had a similar issue; we needed to manually apply the patch (looking at the source, it was easier to do it this way than relying on the .patch file).

I don’t have time now but I’ll take a look at everything later tonight if I have time…

I hired a guy from upwork.com, I’m no dev. Right now the server’s patched and can complete calls. Now, instead of error when trying to complete a conference call, we no longer see the “cannot complete conference” error on the phone, but the third party just stays on hold (doesn’t join them).