XO SIP Setup Help

Hi All,

Prior to Google disabling the XMPP access, we tested FreePBX with the Google/Motif trunk, now we have a Static SIP Circuit installed from XO Communications. Unfortunately we can’t go with another provider as the company I work for has done business with them for years. However I am running into some problems with my test build against the circuit.

The circuit is reporting as online, I’ve added my inbound and outbound routes with my first DID, however when I try to test an inbound and outbound call, I get that the call can’t be completed. Inbound reports the number isn’t in service.

While testing, I can see that the call is picked up by the FreePBX System as it shows 1 active call as well as when I log into the User Panel, I see my cell phone number listed in the history.

I was curious if anyone has any documentation for the configuration of an XO Static SIP to work with FreePBX they can direct me to to help with implementation?

Thank you in advance!

You have the trunk in the wrong context. Must be from-trunk