XMPP Server for iSymphony

Hi all, it’s a pleasure to be here! It’s first time for me posting in this community.

I have some questions about iSymphony (amazing product) and Elastix configuration. This is my lab environment:
Elastix 2.5 integrated with iSymphony Server V3-, i tied isymphony console with zoiper sip client. Everything is working fine (call, presence, queue, ecc…), but no instant messaging between two users.
I’m employing Openfire 4.1.3 (elastix embedded) for the IM service, and configured users . Then on iSymphony i configured same users with XMPP username and password, finally i set up XMPP Server reference pointing to Elastix\Openfire.
Anyway i cannot start chat session form iSymphony console, when i click on chat icon message:
"Cannot start a chat session with this user. you are not connected to an instant messaging server"
Could you please help me with this? Is Openfire suitable for iSy?