XMPP Pro, DPMA and iSymphony

I went ahead and spent the $20 for XMPP pro and it couldn’t have been easier to install and get configured. Best $20 I’ve spent in a while to save time. So, we also use the Digium phones and DPMA. We are looking at iSymphony for our switchboard operator and I went ahead and installed it and got her all setup. We are coming from a phone system that had no presence, no chat integration, really no visibility so for us being able to see device states is a big deal. There doesn’t seem to be any synchronization between iSymphony and the Digium phone and XMPP user state. I realize user state and device state are not equal. I would think that at minimum there would be a way to show that I’m on the phone in my chat client. My FreePBX is centrally located but serves 4 offices. Is there a way this can be setup? If I can get 2 out of 3 syncing I’d be in good shape. Do I need to purchase the Phone Apps module? I don’t want to start hacking away at my installation unless absolutely necessary. I had OpenFire delivering chat services, but the Asterisk-IM plugin began to become buggy and hasn’t been updated in some time.

currently your device states is not transfered to your xmpp status. Sorry

Thanks Tony. Any advice or best practice in this area? We have one person that manages 50 extensions over 4 separate locations. If iSymphony is to be her operator panel I need to get my Digium handsets syncing their status with it. The XMPP chat is still important I just won’t rely on it for phone state. No biggie. On a side note, I appreciate the CEO of Schmooze Com spending time on the forums and answering questions. That speaks volumes about your user/customer focus.

If you use iSymphony V3 then you should be all set. We had i9 use our Presence module in FreePBX 2.11 with Asterisk 11 and Digium phones with Rest Apps all use the same presence. Also with FreePBX 12 the new UCP uses the same presence so full sync.

Great. So I’ve got iSymphony V3 and Digium phones. Sounds like I’m missing the REST apps?

A few things to note:

  1. Disabling REST in FreePBX should not effect the REST communication between the iSymphony V3 FreePBX module and the the iSymphony V3 server as it utilizes its own rest library separate from FreePBX.

Thanks Alex. Biggest thing I need to accomplish is visibility of the Digium phones and their status to my switchboard operator who, at least for now, will be using iSymphony. If I’m in a meeting and put my Digium phone on ‘Do Not Disturb’ I need her to see that in iSymphony.