XMPP-Pro and Jabber client

we bought the xmpp-pro module for FreePBX 13.0.91 and now it’s currently active in the menu’. I changed the domain to pbx.example.com in xmpp/jabber settings, set yes in the user management for user 399 (my extension) and changes the password as requested by module.
Now when I try to connect with pidgin (xmpp client), configured as [email protected] I get the certificate confirmation windows but then I only get “unauthorized”.
I reinstalled prosody packages (yum clean all; yum rmeove prosody; yum -y install prosody) with no success. /var/log/asterisk/ prosody log file is empty.
Any hints how to solve the problem ? Or other xmpp client to try ?

The domain can’t be an arbitrary ‘pbx.example.com’, it must be an fqdn that resolves to your pbx. See the wiki:


Of course example.com is not the domain I wrote in the config, it’s pbx.customerdomain.com where customerdomain really is the customer’s own domain, resolved via hosts file on the client pc.

So are you able to confirm that xmpp is working within UCP?