XMPP module questions

Hello, I’m using the commercial XMPP module on 6 of my systems (different SMB customers). Because XMPP encryption is a requirement, I’ve had to remove the “include” from the prosody config file to the one in /etc/asterisk that freepbx manages since it over-writes my TLS settings (and the disabling of server2server communications that is enabled by default in Prosody). So basically I am using FreePBX user management function to enable XMPP users but managing the configuration file myself.

I have some questions please:

  1. Is there a supported way of customizing Prosody configuration? What I’ve done seems like a hack and I’m worried about what will happen should I upgrade the system.
  2. Is there supposed to be some integration between asterisk and XMPP ? (ie: notifications about voicemails, missed calls?) if so I have not got it working yet…
  3. What really is “XMPP Presence Daemon”, is it supposed to be working (seems like it never runs without crashing)
  4. What does “Linked Extension” mean

Would be great if anyone could chime in… thanks! Bump…

  1. Not at this time
  2. No there is no integration (exception presence)
  3. It merely links presence in Asterisk with Presence in XMPP
  4. Userman user has a linked extension which means the user is linked to that extension