XMPP Integration: SMS Chat


My carrier (Vitelity) supports SMS through XMPP and creates you an account with “s.ms”. This works great in XMPP clients like Mozilla Thunderbird, etc, and I am able to “text” external numbers by adding @sms after the 10 digit number.

Having said that, a client of mine has an unusual request: He would like to have a system for when people call his company, for the caller to have the option to start a “chat” using SMS with the callers’ DID. So, I thought maybe of setting up an IVR that prompts the caller to press a number if they would like to chat instead of waiting in line for someone to help, and then this would start an XMPP chat automatically with the caller’s DID. Is there a way to integrate this in FreePBX? Maybe integrate the “s.ms” credentials from my carrier on the server side? Is this even possible to accomplish, or am I wasting our time here?

I know that this is an unusual request, but any help will be greatly appreciated. Even a reality check is welcomed. Thank you in advance for your reply!

Ben from G-Force