XMPP connection issues

We just ordered the XMPP Pro module and I have it installed (already installed, just not purchased/licensed). I’m having all kinds of issues getting a client configured to use it. I have the xmpp domain as the the same as our SIP domain, I’ve got the user setup in the ‘Extensions|XMPP’ section of the Admin portal configured for username ‘@’ and a password. I’ve applied the config, but can’t get the client (Jitsi) to play nice with it. In it’s settings, I’ve had to enable insecure communication with server in order to get any response from the server, but all it gives me is ‘invalid password’ even though I know the password is correct.

FWIW, I shut down iptables for the time being to see if it was a firewall issue. Is there another section of the administration portal I need to setup? Prosody is up and running. I’m just incredibly confused.

In the prosody.log file I’m seeing a lot of these:
Jan 02 14:07:10 c2s1a71450 info Client connected
Jan 02 14:07:10 c2s1a71450 info Client disconnected: session closed
Jan 02 14:07:10 c2s1a71450 info Destroying session for (unknown) ((unknown)@pbx.practichem.com)

Now, the domain is correct, but it’s apparently not getting the username. If I set Jitsi to use insecure server connections, I get the ‘invalid password’ prompt from it, but nothing new in the log file.

Sounds like a client issue. You should be connecting to [email protected] as the full username in most chat clients. Beyond that not sure what more to offer in advice.