I am new user FreePBX. I buy a two modules which XMPP and SystemAdmin Pro.
My license is active in my system I see that on menu.

I not working my system. I click XMPP and XMPP/Jabber Settings come, and localhost is entered by system default, I click submit. I dont any menu XMPP. I lookup extesions menu but not there. It is only menu, not working.

secondly, I want to use VPN between my clients. I enabled it, but it is not working like XMPP. There is no any menu, also only SystemAdmin Menu. I click for make client, client create there is php error, sysadmin_server1-status.log
can not be created.

I search web and wiki page not enough information for running the software.
I foound a “wiki.freepbx.org/display/FPG/System+Admin+-+VPN+Server” I try it, reboot server not working, no shown in menu!.

please help