Xerox Fax Server option

Good day,

I have a Xerox Workcenter 5945i and 7855i copiers.

I have an option to use a fax server on the copiers… it create a folder 0001.xsm with files into it (.tif, .dat, .xst…) to be used by the fax server to send the fax

IS there a way to use FreePBX for that purpose? To read those file and send them ?


why in the world would you want the pbx to do that? the Xerox is capable of sending faxes. i must be missing something - please explain

Because I wont need an ATA to bring the analog line to my xerox machines,

you can probably do what you want but i always thing using a pbx to send/receive faxes is a lousy way to go. i am sure i will get shouted down here, but we avoid it whenever we can. i assume your pbx is onsite and that you have an analog card in it? if so, you can probably do what you want.

but for the cost of a single analog line, i think you are being pennywise pound foolish

That looks like a perfect match for hylafax and a t38modem or 2

Also, i have a sip trunk… so I want to prevent to convert lines to analog.

Is Hylafax can connect to a sip pbx?

Not directly, but both iaxmodem and t38modem provide a “connector”. The first uses IAX2 the second SIP.

If you choose t38modem you can send faxes to your t38 provider directly from hylafax, bypassing your PBX