Xen Tools for AsteriskNOW?

I’ve installed the current AsteriskNOW distro on XenServer 6.2. Xen Tools will not install because it doesn’t recognize the distro - “SHMZ release 6.5 (FINAL)”.

Has anyone worked through this issue on Xen Server?

I have taken a quick look at this and here is my thoughts.

Code: https://github.com/xtaran/xen-tools

The Read me seems to imply that CentOS support is more of an afterthought and not well tested. They do not even mention any other enterprise Linux support. There does not give a high confidence for stability.

If you wish to use this your best action may be to do it from source and build the hooks. This should be as simple as copying the CentOS 6 folder and renaming some things.

If you get it working you can open a feature request with a patch and a code submittion agreement to see if it gets accepted. With our core focus on stability I am not sure we want to hack it together and throw it in.

The github repo isn’t an official repo and looks to be a little out of sync. You may want to look at the official repo over at https://gitorious.org/xen-tools for the most up to date source.

the fix here is really simple. replace shmz with CentOS, install xen tools, then replace CentOS with SHMZ.

Where do i replace shms with CentOS?

easy - edit the /etc/redhat-release file. changeSHMZ with CentOS, install Zen tools, then edit the same file and replace CentOS with SHMZ… QED

Be careful. Those files had to change for trademark issues. Dont go just editing things.