Xactview showing old names not the new ones

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(Danny) #1

We have Xactview module and I have 20 users on the exactview module. 3 of the extensions I repurposed for a new employee and change their name in the user and extension page. I stopped and re-started the xactview service but it still shows the previous names of the users for that extension.
Any idea how to get it to grab the new names?

(Lorne Gaetz) #2

Did you change the display name for both the extension and the user management user?

(Danny) #3

Yup. example 114 it was Claudia and now it is Ashley but for 114 on xactview it shows Claudia still. I update the first name, last name, display name under user details on the user tab along with the display name under general on the ext page. Also 1 user does not show up at all even though Its set to yes for add to xact view.

(Danny) #4

reboot solved issue. Guess it was cached somewhere.