Xact-dialer & language

I configured Xact-dialer to point a dummy extension forwarded to its Voicemail once a human is detected.

If I call this ext. by another extension I have voicemail messages played in Italian as I set it in system language.
If Xact-dialer module transfer the detected party to this extension, voicemail messages are played in english.
Why is this ? Is there a way to make them play in Italian ?

Thank you

I don’t have the Italian sound files loaded on any of my systems, but you can try pointing XactDialer to a language instance created in the Languages Module, with the destination set as the voice mail of the target extension.


Also it appears that the Italian translation for the FreePBX GUI is about 60 percent completed, if you are looking for ways to contribute back to FreePBX, you could assist with the translations, using our new Weblate tool.