Xact Dialer / Broadcast Questions

I may be missing some somewhere, but is there a good video or walkthrough of the Xact Dialer / Broadcast module?

We are looking into it but trying to figure out if it would even do what we’re envisioning without having to put forth anything in the way of financing. We’re a school district and finances are a bit tight in some spots, so want to avoid some of that if we can.

With our Alcatel system, we have something called AVBS (Automatic Voice Broadcast System). If a school is doing a lockdown drill, they will call one of people in a specific department here. Then the person who answers will call into the AVBS, record a “heads up” message, and then when they disconnect the system will call a handful of extensions at the same time of people who need to know.

From what I’ve been able to find with the Broadcast module, it’s for pre-planned announcements that can be sent out, not on the fly. Am I wrong in that it can be done on the fly? Not all of the messages they need to send out are pre-planned - it’s also used for if a school calls 911, they’ll notify people with more details about the call.

I have been making some progress on a script that checks to see if a system recording was modified, then it would originate a call to different extensions and play the message. My current problem with that is more related to coding some logic, but wondering if that’s the route I’d want to go.


There is a free trial you can use to give it a spin. Search in the store at portal.sangoma.com for the SKU FPBX-C01M-XTD.

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To answer the question, it is possible to both re-record a message and to start and stop a campaign from dialing a feature code, tho it requires two separate actions. The first to record the message and the second to start the campaign. Additional reading:

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Thanks so much! Got it added now I think. I’ll explore that and the Wiki.

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