X11 Services?

Is there some way to use freepbx to route calls to a local x11 service? By that, I mean 811 (telehealth) and 311 (information). If so, how would I go about doing this?


Outbound route, prepend what you really want to dial, prefix the number dialed that the match pattern is desired to be


(132355551212) + 411 | 411

I’m sorry. I’m a complete noob. I don’t have the actual number for my Province’s 811. Apparently they did away with it. Is there some way that I can route 811 by region? I have no idea how all this works, or even how SIP providers offer the service.

You need to talk to your VSP about how they handle those calls, but I guess your a noob to google too :wink:


Wow, dicko. I maybe a noob, but I’m not an idiot. I had a huge argument with NS telehealth because I wanted to get the actual line number instead of relying on 811. They said that they did away with having an actual number because they only want Nova Scotians to be able to access Nova Scotia telehealth.


I just don’t understand how it works. I tried Googling for finding out how SIP providers provide the service, but I can’t find anything. I don’t really know what terms to use to look it up. And I couldn’t get any straight answers when speaking with technical support about NS 811. I wanted to know if there was an alternative number that they just don’t give out (but only give to SIP providers, I guess).

Generally they don’t, at least in the US, except for e911 services that cost extra. As I say, ask your VSP, maybe it’s different up there.

Bluenoser here. I went thru this years ago and got the same answer.

VSP = Voip Service Provider? The ones I’m looking at don’t provide X11 so I figured someone on here understands how it works.

It won’t work. If the VSP doesn’t provide the service and the provider dosn’t publish a real phone number, then you are pretty well hosed, sorry.

( to perhaps answer your underlying questions, there are signalling methods for delivering phone calls that don’t necessarily rely on phone numbers, they are direct trunks and are contracted between the Exchange Carriers and the end organizations so unless you have EC level access then it can’t be done.)