X100P Problems

Hi guys, just ordered an X100P to use a POTS. Installed it, and installed a new copy of FreePBX with Asterisk 13. FreePBX recognizes the card and shows the card in Connectivity -> DAHDi Config -> Analog Hardware -> FXO Ports. It shows (1) and when (edit) is selected, it shows: Signalling: Kewl Start, Group: 0, Context: from-analog

I have made a trunk, and with the trunk made and no outbound routes, if I call in it will ring to a normal landline telephone connected to the X100P, and I can also call out. However, if I disconnect the landline telephone and plug in a Cisco SPA525G, inbound calls do not ring at all, and neither do outbound calls (even if I set up inbound and outbound routes as I normally would, it still doesn’t work)

With the landline phone disconnected from the X100P, asterisk -rvvvvvv doesn’t show anything at all when calls come in, which I find weird. No error messages, nothing, it’s as if it doesn’t even see the phone call.

My question is - how can I get the X100P to “hand off” the call to the Cisco SPA525G?

Thank you guys

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