X-Lite slow to enable and then cannot make calls but can receive them

Hi Everyone,

I have setup Asterisk, FreePBX and for almost a month now - have not had any complaints. We have hosted the PBX on Amazon AWS and it is sitting behind a NAT but following the guides – I did not have any trouble setting this up.

I do, however, have the odd situation with users operating from their home – mind you, many people are operating outside of the local network. We are talking only around 3 out of 100 people but what is unusual is that the problems all appear to be the same.

1: User logs in, Asterisk CLI does not show any connection reaching the server.

2: Eventually they will reach an “Enabled” state in X-lite and I will see this within Asterisk CLI.

3: Anyone who calls the extension does not have any issues BUT when making calls – it just times out.

We have tried using “STUN” works for 99% of most people.

Problem solved by switching the HOST NAME to an IP.