Wrong VPS deployment

I purchased a VPS FreePBX account through Schmoozecom and a SIP trunk through SIPstation. When trying to register the deployment I chose the wrong option and chose OSS Cyberlynk instead of of OSS FreePBX and it was not recognizing the free license for Endpoint manager and SysAdmin. I deleted the deployment out of the Schmoozecom portal however I am trying to delete the license from my Hosted PBX install and found the link that shows which files need to be deleted but I can’t seem to SSH in with putty or through the Cyberlynk portal.

This is driving me crazy, I’ve spent the last 6 hours trying to get the license situation straightened out. I really don’t have any configuration done on the PBX is there a way to get the VPS install formatted and basically a fresh install done if that is the easiest way to do this I am ok with that.

Have you opened a ticket with Schmoozecom?

No for the life of me I cannot figure out how to do that with them.

The VPS you purchased was from freepbxhosting.com, which is a Cyberlynk company. If you follow the instructions they provide when you sign up, there would not be an option of selecting anything in the drop down. You need to navigate to the etc/schmooze folder on your PBX, delete the license and PBX-id files, then register your system from the system admin module using the email address that you used when you signed up from the portal. This is the only way to get the included licenses.

How do I access the file system to navigate to those folders if I try to SSH to the IP it just times out

I suppose you have banned your remote IP… You can get console access via the freepbxhosting.com control panel.

My username does not exist at the portal at secure.freepbxhosting.com I tried the forget password option and it says not a valid username. I don’t recall ever creating anything at that portal either just cyberlynk and schmoozecom

Hello Brandon,

Your VPS control panel login information will be different than your customer portal login (billing / support). If you can open a support ticket with us ( freepbxhosting.com) or give us a call at 800-862-5965 we can make sure you have all your login information and go through the process of registering for the included modules and/or re-imaging your PBX.

Thank you Frank I have submitted a ticket through the web form at freepbxhosting.com