Wrong timezone on CDR records

Hello I’m experiencing troubles with the way timezone information is rendered. I have correctly set my virtual machine’s timezone:

7 17:05:13 EEST 2019

7.05.2019 (вт) 14,05,29 EEST -1.002794 seconds

And PHP’s timezone is set correctly via freepbx’s webinterface. After I changed the machine’s timezone I restarted both httpd and asterisk service. Also looking at asterisk’s logs of a call I did following the tz change I could see the correct timestamp is being used:

/var/log/asterisk/full:[2019-05-07 16:40:32] VERBOSE[31165][C-00000000] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:3] Set(“SIP/1500-00000000”, “NOW=1557236432”) in new stack

1557236432 - was the correct timestamp

However, when looking at the recorded CDR information I can see there is an offset of +3 hours e.g. if a call has happened at 17:05 I will actually see 20:05. So how do I fix this ?

Turns out I had to actually restart mariabd and now all the timestamps are parsed correctly.

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