Wrong Time

A couple of issues:-

The time indicated and used by FreePBX appears to be an hour ahead of the time shown in Centos.
I have set the Country in General to Australia.
I am in Queensland and we do not have Daylight saving but the majority of the other states do.
Has FreePBX been told to apply DST to Australia?

Emails sent out are 10 hours ahead of the Centos time (as shown by the receiving email client) however in the content of the email the time is actually correct in that it is the same time as Centos.

Any ideas



zdump -v /etc/localtime | grep 2007

If any daylight saving time rules are being applied on your system, this will show you. I can’t tell you what the output should be in Australia, but where I live it clearly shows the start and end dates that are being used for DST.

Note that receiving e-mail clients may apply their own rules (for example, attempt to convert UST to local time) and that is beyond your control. However, such clients will probably mess up the received times of all incoming e-mails, not just yours.

Nothing at all shown


Doesn’t sound like you are switching to/from DST then - try rebooting your system, if it’s been some time since you’ve done that, and see if the times come into sync.