Wrong Password when accessing via external IP

Hi All

I have a Asterisk 11.3 & Freepbx on server

but when accessing via softphone on other pc show this error

[Apr 6 15:09:33] NOTICE[950]: chan_sip.c:27786 handle_request_register: Registration from '<sip:[email protected] ip>' failed for 'pc ip:5070' - Wrong password

but password is correct

extention: [img]http://teron.tk/up/48f847055c6b.jpg[/img]

sip setting: [img]http://teron.tk/up/f6ecc9686eb1.jpg[/img]

please help me? Thanks

no one ???

You only waited an hour before posting a ping? That is a sure way to not get a response. In that hour, no posts to the site happened at all.

Usually mangled passwords are the result of an ALG or other bad NAT services on the remote firewall.

it worked pretty good with older versions of Asterisk(1.8) & Freepbx (2.9)
But this problem was found after update
Don’t set NAT and port is open
And i dont know about ALG
How can check them

I have the same problem, and do not know how to solve, if you explain us how did you do to fix it?