Wrong Outbound CallerID over ZAP Channel

Hi All,

I’ve just noticed when making an outbound call - the caller is showing the wrong number and not the Caller ID of the extension. I have one ZAP Trunk (DAHDi compatibility Mode) with one outbound route pointing to it (all outbound goes through this) - there is no caller id set on either of these and should be grabbing from the extension “Outbound CID” field.

The caller id that is being used each time for each extension happens to be the 1st Zap channel and suspect this is where I’ve made some misconfiguration somewhere and it’s using the first Channel number and not the extension callerid.

Does anyone have some suggestions where or how I should look to fix this?


You can’t set caller ID on POTS lines. Only on digital circuits.

So would this be the call is going out the wrong zap channel (I’m guessing first available) and then that’s why shows that caller id (from the telco)?

Shall i be looking at dial plans and what channel to use or am i way off? ANyone?

You can’t set caller ID on POTS lines. Only on digital circuits.

You need to set up a ZAP channel DID. This will allow you to set up rach ZAP channel with the phone number associated with that channel and use it for call routing in bound. You can then set up out bound routes for each extension so it use that ZAP channel.

OK, I think I need to clarify what the issue is.

Say I have a four port analog card - with four lines coming in and a separate DID each line.

Port 1 - 2121001 // fictional DID
Port 2 - 2121002
Port 3 - 2121003
Port 4 - 2121004

I have four Zap channel DID’s
Channel 1 - 2121001
Channel 2 - 2121002
Channel 3 - 2121003
Channel 4 - 2121004

I have four extensions with DID’s mapped to them and incoming goes to the correct extn.
1001 - 2121001
1002 - 2121002
1003 - 2121003
1004 - 2121004

So here is the part I don’t understand. No matter what extn I dial out from; the recipient always see’s the incoming call from Channel 1 – 2121001 instead of the channel and number that I’d expect.

Hopefully that is clearer. Can anyone suggests where I’ve gone wrong and what I need to do to fix?

If your outbound route references g0 or G0 (there is a difference :wink: ) then that is what you will experience, [gG] reference a group, you will probably need to use the individual trunk in any outbound route. but you still will not be able to change the outbound CID on a zap trunk. You could of course break the trunks into different groups if you need to, even if they are groups of 1 (g0,g1,g2,g3 etc.) beware of “glare” if you do that :wink:

Ahhh ha - Thanks dicko, I didn’t know it worked like that - makes sense, thank you.

I think I will add a trunk for each port (ZAP/1, ZAP/2, ZAP/3 & ZAP/4) on the analog card, the part I don’t get is how do I tell each extension which trunk to use?

You have to setup a CID route, use the extension number as the CID.

There’s the rub, for outbound, and not for the faint of heart, custom-contexts is what you probably need.

No, the new CID feature in outbound routes allows you to define a route per extension, no custom context requires.

Sweet - thanks guys.

I stand corrected (and edified) on the new feature :wink: