Wrong message when transferring to voice mail

When I try to transfer a call directly to voicemail by hitting transfer * and the 4 digit extension it doesn’t play the users recorded voicemail message it instead plays the automated recording asking if you are satisfied with the message you left. Does anyone have any ideas for me to try?


What happens if you call the extension and let it go to VM?

Oh, and how about some info on your systems. FreePBX and Asterisk version. Type of phone, etc.

Sorry for the delayed response, been very busy.
To answer your first question, when I dial the extensions directly it plays the correct message, the issue is only happening when we do the * extension number transfer. We are running Freepbx, Asterisk Ver. and running IP650, IP550, and IP330 Polycom phones.

you specify the transfer code and where you want to transfer to. make sure it is going to the unavailable message.

Forgive my lack of knowledge of this phone system, but can you tell me how to get to the general settings? I appreciate everyone’s help on this.

I am still needing some help on this can anyone give me some more things to try?


Settings | Voicemail Admin | Dialplan Behavior | Change Direct Dial Mode to “Unavailable”