Wrong Hangup Causes

Hey everyone long time. So we have deployed a Media Gateway, interconnected to my PSTN provider using SS7/E1 (ISDN) trunks and we have a sip trunk between our Asterisk and the Media Gateway, to make our VoIP lines to call the PSTN and the other way around too. But the issue we found that whenever the ISDN is busy, not answering or out or service, the gateway responds correctly (meaning the mapping SS7 and SIP) is correct, but Asterisk sends the same SIP code to the VoIP lines. I’ve looked in the Internet and I’ve noticed that similar issues ocurred several times. So, in order to solve that I’ve tried to dialplan the following, to program the causes according the SIP response.:

exten => _911XXX,n,GotoIf($[ “${DIALSTATUS}” = “BUSY” ]?busy)

How can that be accomplish?

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