Wrong "From" IP Address

Hi, Can any one help. I have an issue with a trunk that keeps dropping it’s registration. I have taken a trace of the registration message in the Headder which reveals as follows:

From: sip:[email protected] ;tag=as2765403d
To: sip:[email protected]
Call-ID: [email protected]

But my FreePBX has an IP address why is the FROM address, I’m sure this cannot be correct?

Please ca someone help and either tell me if it is or where I can look to solve the problem.


That’s probably your router’s address, check your PNAT settings, beware of misconfigured sip “helper” settings

Yes, it is the address of the Router - an SBC with Sip ALG. I have “NAT” set to “no” in the SIP settings of FreePBX as the ALG sorts out the “natting issues”… not sure if this is what you are referring to? The Trunk registers ok then after a while to goes to unreachable on the remote Sip Server which the the issue I am really trying to solve when I saw the “false IP Address” in the headder and thought it mybe the problem. I still don’t really know why the registration goes through initially on reboot/submit change if the IP address on the request is says from x.x.1.1 i.e the router as shown above? I have the following PEER details

host=remote sip server IP address

and reg string:

uname:[email protected]/uname where is the IP of the Session border controller.

I’m not sure where to check the Helper settings and PNAT settings??



What kind of SBC? Are you trying to get the edgewater stuff to work with Asterisk?

Yes, An Edgemarc 200AW everything seems to work after reboot (calls in and out) but after a few minutes the FreePBX shows the trunk is registered but on the Sip Server I get “unknown”. On the wireshark trace taken on the lAN and WAN ports of the Edgewater I can see the registration request coming from the FreePBX Source: Destination but in the headder the source and dest are both x.x.1.1 as indicated in the first of these messages. I also don’t see the reg message passed onto the Sip Server or any for of reply back to the Freepbx.


The Edgewater will register to your provider then your Asterisk will register to the Edgewater. It’s a B2BUA in SIP terms.

Here is the document for proper configuration:


Don’t try and do NAT traversal through the Edgemarc.

Hi SkykingOH, Thanks a lot for this. I will read the document and see if it sorts out my issues!! Once again, thanks a lot. If I falter… I will revert.
Regards Craigjen