Wrong extensions

Hey everyone! We have a two Trixbox CE (I know, long story) installations that are working very well. We do have one problem, that when people call into the IVR, they are sometimes transferred to the wrong extension. It seems as though there is some pattern like:

I will dial “206” and it will go to the operator (“0”) like it missed the first “2” I pressed.

I will dial “206” and it will go to “220” like it doubled the first key press (“2”) and caught the “0” and then transferred.

However we are getting a lot of calls to extension “251” too, which does not fit the pattern.

Anyway, I have found similar problems and no solutions throughout the web. I figured I would ask here and see if someone had any great ideas.

Our setup includes POTS lines into the PBX and SIP to the phones.

Any thoughts?

Some older versions of Asterisk have a bug in duplicatingand/or missing DTMF’s.

If you are using 1.6.2, 1.8 or 10 then I don’t think you will have a problem anymore, Whether updating Asterisk will break TrixBox can only be answered by those good selves at TrickBox as it does not use FreePBX per se.

We are using version Asterisk

Do you think that moving to 1.8 or 10 would do anything to fix the problem over 1.6?

Sorry, I really have no comment on TrickyBox or their competence to package anything but night-mares. I can tell you that was released by Digium on 2010-03-12, but yes as far as my addled old brain remembers that was exactly when all the DTMF stuff went down.

The lastest from Digium is:-

2012-04-23 asterisk-

I respectfully suggest you bite the bullet and just kick your albatross to the kerb, or see who can help you there . . . . (I honestly don’t think you will get a flood of support here for obvious reasons :wink: )

He could do a yum update all and hasten his need to replace the box!

That’s a bit cruel, to anyone reading this trixbox repo is screwed and you will likely destroy your box by doing a yum update.

But a good practical demonstration of accelerated entropy :slight_smile:

Once we all trow in our Trixbox jokes… What would you do if this was a straight FreePBX box?

I’m getting the conclusion is that later versions of FPBX (maybe past 1.6 since I am running that) would have fixed my problem?

Is this the only thing that could be happening? Do these DTMF issues show up in any log I can look through?


The DTMF is really an Asterisk issue. You seem to be confusing FreePBX and Asterisk version numbers.

Asterisk had many DTMF issues a couple of years ago. All that has been straightened out and is reflected in the current build of either Asterisk 1.6 or 1.8

Joking or otherwise, Trickybox is dead, get used to it.

If you look through the posts here and elsewhere, we have all moved on passed the DTMF problems of years ago, maybe you could benefit too?

Get used to the fact that in the latter part of 2012 most folks are using 1.8 or at least 1.6.2 , certainly not 1.6.0 (you and trickbox) or 1.6.1.

1.6.2 was built and released for definite reasons, there are even changelogs to explain why, go figure. . .

You are at least two years out of the picture, time to finish concluding maybe?

Anything can “happen” but you will at least be a little closer to “now” and no longer be asking for support on a “dead and buried” distro, which you will have noticed just ain’t going to happen.

As to logs, that would be only after you turn on DTMF logging in
/etc/asterisk/logger*.conf (google is your friend here)

but please believe me, I haven’t seen one “bitch or whine” like yours about DTMF in the last couple of years.

How about you just suck it up and do it?

Everyone, thanks for the feedback. We are of course going to upgrade, just have to find the time. Thanks for getting past the “you should upgrade” stuff and helping me understand what could be happening here.

Moving on to the upgrade, is there a suggested path out there? I am assuming I am making a config back up and then installing clean and restoring? Something like that?

Not quite, First off,

Step A) clone your machine, use the tool of your choice, I use mondoarchive because you can do it online.

Step B) Test the clone restore onto a spare machine or hard-drive. Then if things go pear-shaped you have a recovery strategy in place.

Step C) Backup what you have in FreePBX base-version ( i.e. 2.5) and save it off-site

Step D) Restore to your newly built machine with FreePBX 2.5 on it (not trivial to build from a “distro”)

Step E) If that didn’t work, Give up on building a new machine with 2.5 on it and . . .

Step F) Upgrade your current machine iteratively to FreePBX 2.9 (pretty certainly TrixBox will stop working somewhere along the line here, so do it at 1:23 on Sunday morning) (DON’T go to 2.10 yet there is a warp factor there that will FU your ability to effectively restore properly until it is fixed properly, you can do that last step on Monday after you get over your hangover from Step O)

Step G) Back it up again and save it off-site

Step H) Restore to a legit Disto like Schmooze/FreePBX or PIAF running 2.9, on the same machine if you want.

Step I) Tidy up the TB crap (important!!).

Step J) Turn off the old machine if it’s still there and reset your IP on the worker (if it works)

Step K) Be prepared to go back to Step B,

Step L) If you got to Step K more than once, send money to Support here (or someone like me) and have them do it for you

Step M) If the above didn’t work or costs too much money, reprogram by hand and remember you are working for less than minimum wage, so get grumpy while you do that.

Step N) Test thoroughly.

Step O) Enjoy your Champagne Sunday Brunch.