Wrong context on call transfer

Hi there,

For some time now i have searched forums for the answer to my question and even talked to schmooze sales about this, i cannot find a solution or answer, i hope someone in the community can help me. We have a FreePBX 2.10 instalaltion in the office with:

1 SIP trunk
2 incoming routes (for 2 numbers: sales, helpdesk)
2 outbound routes with own CID
Installed Extension routes module from schmooze
5 extensions

We want to force some extensions to use outgoing route #2 so that it gets a different CID, our first route (and trunk) is using the phone number of our helpdesk. We have used custom context and now the schmooze extension routes module to force extensions to a specific route, this works great!.

However, when the restricted extensions calls a cell phone (i see the sales CID) and during the call i transfer it to another cell phone the CID changes and displays the helpdesk number instead of the CID from the route.

I read in the forums that this is caused by Asterisk creating a new call and placing it in the from-internal context which owns all trunks and picks the first route that matches the dial plan rule.

There must be more people out here with the same issue, i read somethings about adding pre-fix to dialed numbers but i am lookign for something automatic… is there someone with a possible solution or workarround?