Wrong CID in FreePBX Outbound Route on Receiving End

My current configurations are as follows:

a. Asterisk
b. FreePBX
c. My extension is configured with an Outbound CID
d. Created an Outbound Route and configured route CID on it ( w/ Override Extension CID checked with dial pattern as 2|. )
e. SIP trunk is also configured with Outbound CID w/ CID Option = Allow Any CID

Now, when I make a call (using the mentioned dial pattern), it doesn’t show the configured Outbound Route CID but instead it shows +4044 or “Unknown”. Our VoIP provider allows CID’s to be forwarded as it’s working fine with our Asterisk 11.8.1 (Stable-5.211.65-11 x64) machine. What could I be missing on this as I want to show the configured Outbound CID and not our VoIP providers number.

I tried using Ext. phones w/ no Outbound CID for testing but doesn’t work as well.

Could somebody please give/share their suggestion on how I can solve this as I’m tied up to this problem till now.

Are you sending the outbound CID in the format required by the service provider? Some require that you send the CID in full International format, some national format, some require something slightly different (one provider I use requires that you drop the leading 0).

Also check that the outbound route is not set to override the extension CID and that the trunk it set to allow any CID. That’s a very old version of FreePBX and I can’t remember if both of these options were available but I seem to remember they go back a fair way.

Thanks for the reply.

I’d have to agree that this is old but we can’t de-comission it yet as we have this number of webapps relying on the CDR table.

SIP Trunk is configured “to allow any CID”. Unchecking “Override Extension CID” in Outbound Routes and removing the (2) trailing zeroes before the telephone number will automatically end the call. Though, it’s working fine (with trailing zeroes) with our (FreePBX Stable-5.211.65-11 x64) test machine.

Any other suggestion?

Suggestions, please.

Did you mean drop the two leading zeros? What is the CID that is showing? Is it the default (from the provider) or is it the default one as set on the trunk?

I dropped the (2) leading zeroes w/c should equal the ‘+’. CID shows either ‘Unknown’ or ‘+4044’. A part of our test log file shows:

-- Goto (macro-outbound-callerid,s,12)
-- Executing [[email protected]:12] ExecIf("SIP/20085-00004b52", "1?Set(CALLERID(all)=00ABCXXXXXXXX)") in new stack
-- Executing [[email protected]:13] ExecIf("SIP/20085-00004b52", "1?Set(CALLERID(all)=00ABCYYYYYYYY)") in new stack
-- Executing [[email protected]:14] ExecIf("SIP/20085-00004b52", "1?Set(CALLERID(all)=00ABCDEFGHIJK)") in new stack
-- Executing [[email protected]:15] ExecIf("SIP/20085-00004b52", "0?Set(CALLERPRES()=prohib_passed_screen)") in new stack

00ABCDEFGHIJK is the CID configured in my Outbound, it shows it’s being passed from Asterisk yet it shows ‘Unknown’ or ‘+4044’ from the receiving end. What could be the problem here as it’s working fine with the FreePBX Stable-5.211.65-11 x64.