Wrong Call picked up when external call comes in while a transfered call is ringing

We are using Snom D375 Phones at an FreePBX
It’s configured to ring on all phones of the group when an external call comes in. The problem is: If while the phone is ringing on an internally transfered call, an external call is coming in the external call is accepted when picking up the phone and not the still waiting transfered call.

Is it the phone that decides which call to pick up or is it FreePBX/Asterisk??
Any idea where to go about to define which call should be picked up in such a situation??


Do you have multiple buttons programmed as “line 1”? If so, make sure you are looking at the buttons for those two when this happens.

Do they have any indication on what that call is when it rings in? On Yealink (what is on my desk) it just shows the inbound arrow, so not a lot of help.

Well normally I accept the call on my headset, with the headset button, so I don’t see what is on the display or which LED’s are lit.
It sometimes just happens right in the moment I press the button on my headset that a second call is ringing on the general line and thus I pick up that call instead of the transfered call I wanted to pick up.

I do the same myself, but just in case there is some obvious notice, I thought it may be helpful to see what the phone says when this happens.

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