Wrapup time

I search the forum and I see queue wrapup time being ignore and the phone start ringing without delay. My problem is the opposite. I want the agent phone to ring as soon as they complete a call.

I’m set to ring all with wrapup time set to 0. If an agent just finish a call, there is a 20 to 25 seconds delay before his phone start ringing. It seems that when the agent hung up, the same agent phone wont ring until the caller on the queue hit the agent-timeout (set for 25) Once it reset, the agent phone start ringing again.

Freepbx 13.0.95

Appreciate any info

This is correct. For example if in a ring all setup once asterisk starts the ring time it looks then to what agents to call and if a agent becomes available mid way through the agent-timeout ring it wont start ringing that new agent until the next cycle kicks in. This is all in the queue logic of Asterisk