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Hi, I am using FreePBX version 14.0.13. 23. I’ve created many Queues and one agent logged in, in multiple queues. I have set wrap-up time to 2 minutes in all queues. Some time wrap up time do not work properly and agent receive call at the same time after hanging up first. It does not happen to all calls but on a few. Any advise.

From the same queue?
If not, you have to enable to honor it across all Queues.

Also, the log should tell you whats up.

Hi, some time from the same queue and some time from others? Where can i see Honor it across all Queue? I do not see under Advanced setting.

It should be in the advanced settings, make sure you have Display Readonly Settings and Override Readonly Settings set to Yes.

Hi, I’ve enabled read only setting and I see “Honor wrap-up time was already set to YES”. So I think it’s not the case, Is this a bug? I see couple of other people reported this too.

Like I said above. You should be able to see in the logs why it did not wait.

Is there any specific level of logs should I enabled to see this specific behavior?

Thank You

No, it should be there. If you need help interpreting the logs (I recommend you try on your own first), please read below.


Hi, I checked the logs but did not find anything where I can see why this call was not honord wrap-up time. Please advise. Any help would be much appreciated.

Post a pastebin (instructions in the link above) with a call that wrap up time did not work.
Also, which version of Asterisk are you using?

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