Would Like Some Caller ID Name Testers (details inside)

Hi everyone,

I’m looking for some FreePBX users (on various distros) who would be interested in testing out my OpenCNAM (https://www.opencnam.com/) + FreePBX integration hooks.

I’m the CTO at OpenCNAM, and we’ve just added a new module that allows FreePBX users with the Caller ID module installed (default in the latest stuff) to use OpenCNAM’s Caller ID name service.

Currently, FreePBX’s Caller ID module doesn’t allow OpenCNAM support directly in the web interface, as the input boxes don’t allow enough characters to specify account credentials, so the method I generated is a bit of a workaround.

If you’d like to help test it out, I’d love to have your feedback and input.

The documentation for integration can be found here: https://www.opencnam.com/docs/v2/pbx

As a side note, OpenCNAM currently has two plans:

  • A free plan that lets you do 60 cached CNAM queries per hour completely free (no account or signup needed).
  • A paid plan (Professional Tier) that allows you to do unlimited real-time CNAM queries for $.004 per successful dip.

Thank you,


Is OpenCNAM just for US numbers?

rdegges, Who exactly are you working with @ freepbx to make this better. Because as far as I know no one on the development team besides Tony has heard anything.

We could have easily built a simple CNAM module for you so that users don’t have to complicate things with over-writing files and such…

We are not hard people to get a hold of.


I already worked with Randall and he submitted it back into the Caller ID Lookup module for 2.11