Would like old school call progress to phones instead of audio message

I would like to be able to turn off the messages on call progress to the caller. Such as “your call cannot be completed as dialed”, “All trunks are busy now”, etc. I seem to remember back in either version 10 or 12 there was an option in Advanced settings (I think) that those could be replaced with old fashioned ringtones. The issue is that we call out to a landline that is actually busy, we get a “busy” back from the SIP trunk provider and Freepbx drops the call. I need to stop that somehow.

ANY Ideas welcome

My memory feels like pudding sometimes, but I remember someone asking this question a couple of years ago and the answer was something about a change in one of the “esoteric” options in Asterisk on the Trunk settings when responding to Busy signals.

It might also be that your upstream provider is “helping” you with this. I know, one of my applications relies on “hangup on busy” as a way to “mark for retry” on calls for one of my customers in an application I wrote for them, so it’s something I kind of keep an eye on. As soon as the Rhino card finally dies (Hi @jfinstrom) I’m going to upgrade them to a newer version and have to start all over.

I know the memory like pudding all to well !! LOL In the ONE case I actually caught, I got a reject from an upstream provider that made the system drop the call. I looked at the from-trunk / from-pstn dp and I thought I would be able to manipulate that but I didn’t see anything there. I would like the hangup on busy to certainly provide a busy tone to my caller, not hangup. I will search the forum.

can’t you use the route congestion messages feature to do this?

Where are they? I have looked all over.

With a red face I have to thank you for reminding me. The more I got into this issue the less I saw. I found it right where it always was. I have applied Congestion tones to all the sites, now to see how it goes.

Thanks again

Congestion tones do not appear to be helping at all. We caught two more calls yesterday. Actually the user (my customer) dialed out to the same number 3 times. The first two times we got no response back from the distant end. I had our SIP trunk provider check their logs and in the two failures the log was identical on how it all went down. He did not get an invite response back from the distant end. So he sent us a bye and tore down the call. Is there anything I can do to help this customer out?